About Me!

I'm 17 and I live in Salem, NH which is a place where there aren't many book events or signings or anything like that so if you hear of any please let me know! I'll love you forever! I'm a Senior at Salem High and I love to read and write, which was what got me into the blogging world. One day I got a book in the mail from a contest that I had entered awhile back, and that book was an ARC. So at that time I didn't know what an ARC was so of course I looked it up on the computer and with the description i found what exactly was supposed to be done with arcs which is read and review. Now i just loved the idea of this so I immediatly had to start my own blog. So that is how this blog was born =) 

On to the cool stuff. I read way way too much, I've read 68 books so far this year and yeah I know some of you have probably read like 1000 but considering I'm a bit of a slow reader and I'm in school work up to my knees I'm doing pretty good, don't you think? I love chatting about books and all kinds of things so if you want to recommend books or just talk about them feel free to email me at any time.  My favorite genres are YA,  Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. I hope you all enjoy the brief bio!
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